Cartagena de Indias...

The Heroic city has recognized churches, on which have married many famous personalities of the national and international levels. Furthermore, in Cartagena de Indias are held events on weddings, such as Cartagena Trends Bridal Week.

Cartagena, that city looking like a poem at romance, has already become one of the major cities in Wedding Tourism and Honeymoon. Its colonial architecture, its ramparts, its beaches and romantic night ambient makes love no longer magic to become reality.

Meet the churches where you could make the wedding of your dreams.

Church of
the Holy Trinity
"the second old church in town"

Located in the neighborhood of Gethsemane, the Church is the second old church in the city of Cartagena, with final plans dating from 1716, and are inspired by the Cathedral of Cartagena.

del Cabrero
"An idea of ??Doña Soledad Román"

Located at the entrance of the neighborhood El Cabrero, was built in 1885 as an idea of ??Doña Soledad Román (Wife of former Colombian President Rafael Núñez) in order to perform a religious desire. It has capacity to accommodate up to 100 people.

Saint Toribio's
"Beautiful inside"

Authentic sample of religious architecture dating from 1665. Although small proportions, cozy and beautiful inside, where the beautiful craftsmanship of the high altar stands, carved in black lacquer and covered in gold foil.

Air conditioning inside, is the most required from downtown. It can accommodate 200 people.

Santo Domingo's
"the oldest civil work of the city"

Belonging to the Order of the Dominicans, the construction of both buildings was carried out between 1579 and 1698.

Located on the square of the same name, are the oldest civil work in the city. Inside this the Baroque style altar is seen which exhibits an image of the Expiration Christ. It can accommodate 300 people.

San Pedro Claver
"San Pedro Claver, whose rests are on its altar"

The Church of San Pedro Claver is a temple dedicated to San Pedro Claver, whose rests are on its altar. It is located in the very historic area of the city and is administered by the Society of Jesus. The temple is part of a set of Religious buildings complemented with the Cloister of San Pedro Claver and the archaeological museum.

It was built between 1580 and 1654, and stands out for its majestic Baroque façade, its bell tower, cupola, three naves, a high altar and altar of office. It can accommodate 500 people.

St. Catherine of Alexandria
"From wood and reeds"

Its construction began in 1575, replacing the original cathedral (which was built of "wooden and cane"). This cathedral can be considered one of the oldest in America, contemporaneous with those of Mexico. In 1612 this was finished at last, having being subsequently added a burial vaults.

Its altar in its entirety wooden and is richly decorated with gold and has a capacity for 600 people.

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