Investing in Cartagena

Investing in Cartagena (Amounts)
10 Razones para invertir en Cartagena

Cartagena de Indias have strategic location on the Caribbean and on Latin America. Just two hour flight from Florida, and one hour flight from Panama. With a smooth sea and river connectivity, just three days by boat from the coast of Florida, and five days by boat from the east coast of the United States.


The vast territory of Bolívar allows biodiversity of this department conducive to agricultural production and production chains.


The public terminal SPRC has been awarded as the most efficient port in the country for 6 consecutive years. Becoming into the platform number one in the country for foreign trade, which allows preferential access to over 1,500 million consumers through trade agreements with 48 countries.


Cartagena has a safe, broad, quiet and deep bay. With no problems of tide, currents nor hurricanes. This has a depth of up to 18m, ideal for port development.


Cartagena de Indias is the first tourist destination in Colombia both vocational and corporate. Rank 13 in America in the ICCA ranking and position 58 in the latest ICCA ranking worldwide. We have a world-class hotel infrastructure that has attracted international chains.


Cartagena also has water transportation along the Magdalena River that connects the rest of the country through the 'Canal del Dique'(Dam canal).


The industrial area of ??Cartagena, Bolivar has free zones, multiple industrial parks, 4 public terminals and over 40 private terminals, which makes Cartagena become in a very attractive for any entrepreneur since these are located at strategic points in the city ??and all very close.


We have the second country's largest oil refinery currently undergoing expansion to double its current capacity. This project is the largest project being developed in Colombia today and shall become in the country's largest refinery.


The Department of Bolívar was consolidated in 2013 as the second department with most exports in Colombia, with 28.5% of exports. It is the first in the Caribbean region, with the customs office of Cartagena the most important with 59.5% of the total FOB value of the country.


Contamos con un recurso humano profesional y bilingüe especializados en carreras como ciencias económicas y afines, ingenierías, arquitectura y urbanismo entre otras. Y existe una alta inversión en investigación y desarrollo de tecnología. Además, somos la segunda ciudad con la tasa más baja de desempleo del país.

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