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Tours Operators - Cartagena Insider

Tours Operators - Cartagena Insider

Tours Operators

About Cartagena Insider

If you are an explorer who wants to enhance the obvious "city tour" plan and discover the most authentic, thrilling and often forgotten side of Cartagena, Insider offers you the best alternative: unique cultural experiences that will move you safely to a hidden universe that conceals the best-kept secrets of Cartagena in a way that just an Insider can offer you.

Insider is NOT your normal tour operator. It is actually a startup that funds a local NGO that serves afro and indigenous communities by advancing their rights to land and economic development. That means that you not only have the chance to #goWhereTheLocalsGo, but you also have #FunWithAPurpose!

As a social innovation project developed by FEM, our portfolio of cultural experiences fosters grass-roots income generation processes in the communities in which it operates.

If you seek unique experiences that will make your visit to Cartagena pure inspiration, take a look to our portfolio of cultural experiencies, figure out which one is your ideal one and book it now at

Remember that every ticket sold includes donations for community projects.


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