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Santa Catalina de Alejandria Cathedral

Santa Catalina de Alejandria Cathedral

In the square is the cathedral, which looks more like a fortress than a church and with good reason: it was partially destroyed by Francis Drake in 1586 and then modified to serve as a defensive post. (The main door looks as if it were taken from a medieval castle). Cartagena was discovered by the Spanish in 1510 and the city founded in 1533. The pirate Drake; surely they mean the revered and distinguished English sailor and explorer Sir Francis Drake; no they definitely have him down as a pirate. He captured the city in 1586 and allegedly the Spain crown paid him off handsomely to leave them alone; which he did. The cathedral, San Catalina de Alejandria was built in the old city in 1575 and independence from Spain was granted at 1100 hrs, 1 Nov 1811.

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