What to visit in Cartagena de Indias?
Naval Museum
This museum is located in a Colonial Building, a former Jesuit University, across from the church of San Pedro Claver. It documents the naval history of the Caribbean and describes...
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Route of the Museums
Cartagena offers history, culture and entertainment through it theme museums, where you can find unique pre-Columbian pieces, jewellery, art, convents and churches. Also fortifications with a thousand stories of this beautiful city, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage. Do not leave without visiting the museums.
Eco - tourism and Water Activities
Cartagena de Indias has a number of natural reserves such as mangroves, beaches, the botanical garden, the Oceanarium, the mud volcano and other aquatic and ecotourism attractions so you have many options to enjoy and to get in contact with nature and our flora and fauna. This is a plan that cannot be left out during your visit.
Night Activities
Cartagena offers countless places to visit after the sunset: restaurants, bars, discos, concerts and theaters are some of the plans you can enjoy at the Heroic City.
A Walk around the Plazas
Cartagena of the Indies concentrates the tradition of its patrimony in the squares of the historical center where visitors and locals gather to share and enjoy the infinite beauty of the city that evokes places where time stood still. There you will learn about a thousand stories that you will treasure forever. Pay a visit to the plazas.
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Acta de Adjudicacio?n Lic.020-2014
Acta de Adjudicacio?n Lic.020-2014
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